Use Case: Landing Pages for Email
How Metricstory discovered a difference of $12,500 in revenue year-over-year when looking at one landing page.
Metricstory analyzed landing page performance year-over-year (YOY) for one of our customers' email campaigns during the same time period and discovered that two landing pages, in particular, were under-performing.

The results showed that while sessions were up YOY from email traffic, the conversion rate was nearly cut in half for both of these commonly marketed landing pages.

YOY increase in sessions from email to these two landing pages

difference in revenue YOY for one landing page from email

average decrease in conversion rate across both landing pages from email
Due to the large increase in sessions YOY, these two landing pages had the potential to drive significant revenue for this jewelry company had the conversion rate been higher. And, because the landing pages in question were commonly used for email marketing, the Metricstory customer saw immense value in fixing this issue and grasped the opportunity to review and adjust their strategy moving forward.

With page sessions as an indicator of interest in the product(s) shown in the email marketing creative, the email and merchandising teams determined that they needed to review the email creative more closely to ensure tight alignment with the landing page merchandising, thus enabling a higher conversion rate from their email channel.