Use Case: Competing Search Terms
How Metricstory uncovered $2,358 in revenue potential in one phone call with Blindsgalore.
Metricstory found that an exact match search term for a branded product matched two different ad groups for desktop - a generic group and a more specific group. From just one report, Metricstory showed that eliminating the duplicate search term from the poorly performing ad group carried revenue growth of $2,358.

Over six months, the generic ad group had a ROAS of 22.93%, while the more specific ad group showed ROAS of 167.11%.

revenue per impression percent change by shifting traffic

revenue growth by eliminating the duplicate search term
The analysis discovered in one phone call showed that this simple shift in traffic would result in easy revenue growth and a more precise and succinct shopping experience for searchers. Blindsgalore shared this insight with their paid search agency who quickly removed the exact match search term from the generic ad group, shifting traffic to the more specific campaign with a much higher revenue per impression value.