Use Case: Inefficient AdWords Queries
Ten search queries delivering poor ROAS offered a savings of over $5,400 in a year.
Metricstory found 10 search queries associated with an ad group for Blindsgalore that were delivering less-than-desired ROAS when bidding against competing brand terms. By adjusting bids on these 10 queries, there are savings opportunities of $5,417 over the course of 12 months.

Metricstory's report delivered the insight that one word had 10 poor converting search queries associated with a specific ad group. Over six months, the queries showed a 34.56% ROAS in total. And, of the 10 identified queries, only one contributed to any return whatsoever.

ROAS over six months from bad search queries

inefficient search queries removed from the campaign

savings opportunity over one year with bid adjustments
Blindsgalore worked with their paid search agency to shift the inefficient spend to ad groups with higher ROAS and higher intent to purchase.