Use Case: AdWords Inefficiencies
Performance variances between ad groups on one search query resulted in a potential growth of $13,412 over a year.
Metricstory found two issues with search queries and ad groups and delivered them to Blindsgalore. By correcting these two inefficiencies in AdWords, there was $13,412 in revenue opportunity over 12 months.

The first issue for a singular search query pointed out performance variances between two ad groups. The conversion rate for one ad group was 2.23%, while the other converted at 1.53%. Metricstory's analysis helped Blindsgalore determine that one ad group made much more sense to the customer than the other.

The second issue Metricstory uncovered identified poorly performing search queries for a specific campaign. Metricstory's analysis showed ad spend for several queries with no associated revenue.

issues identified in one report delivered to Blindsgalore by Metricstory

minutes estimated to fix the inefficiencies in AdWords

revenue growth potential over 12 months by resolving the inefficiencies
For the ad group conversion rate differential, Blindsgalore first ensured that this was not a random variance. They found the performance was indicative of the entire year. They adjusted the bids to increase the converting campaign, and reduce spend on the other campaign, moving away from Google Enhanced ROAs targeting to a manual CPC.

When looking at the non-converting campaign queries, Blindsgalore saw data supporting sub-optimal performance and wasted spend on about half the ad groups and 25% of the total spend for this campaign. Blindsgalore worked with their paid search agency who reallocated spend towards the higher performing ad groups and optimized keywords and bids on the poorly performing groups.