Say goodbye to complex, time-consuming data mining. Meet Metricstory.
Metricstory allows eCommerce companies to instantly find unrealized revenue opportunities in their Google Analytics and Google Ads data. Its intelligent solution analyzes millions of combinations of data every day and delivers customized, in-depth reporting that aligns to your business goals and tells the story of your data. Teams utilizing Metricstory are supercharged with relevant alerts, allowing them to make quick, evidence-backed, revenue-generating decisions.
What happens when Metricstory and Google Analytics face off in the ultimate test of analysis speed?
Constant Google Analytics Analysis | Metricstory
24/7 Analysis
Constant analysis of every combination of your Google Analytics data.
Timely Alerts to Drive Revenue | Metricstory
Timely Prescriptive Alerts
Alerts are always relevant and delivered straight to your inbox while it still matters.
Understand Google Analytics eCommerce Data with Insights | Metricstory
Actionable Insights
Opportunities are shared with root cause analysis included so your time is spent on action.
Simple Integration to Google Analytics | Metricstory
Ad Spend Optimization
Uncover low-performing queries for Google Ads and Google PLAs across the multi-channel funnel.
Detect Anomalies in Your eCommerce Data | Metricstory
Performance Anomalies
Understand changes across every channel and dimension so you can drill down on key metrics.
Simplified Collaboration and Workflow | Metricstory
Simplified Workflow
Alert internal and external stakeholders and tag issues for easy sorting and historical reference.
Visibility to your Overall eCommerce Performance | Metricstory
Overall Business Visibility
High-level reporting combined with deep context and granular insights in just one click.
Collaborate Across Teams and Departments | Metricstory
Collaboration Between Teams
It's never been easier for your entire eCommerce team to work together.
Insights Aligned to Your eCommerce Business | Metricstory
Alignment to Your Unique Business
Metricstory learns your business so that insights and views are relevant and impactful.
Benefits Across Every Vertical
Metricstory isn't a solution for just one member of your team. Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to ensure alignment and have confidence that every aspect of your Google Analytics data is being analyzed for inefficiencies and revenue opportunities.
eCommerce Leaders
Have a constant pulse. Track overall eCommerce performance and enjoy the ability to drill down to the product level across every channel to examine top and bottom performers and anomalies. Unique product groupings allow views into your performance that you can't find in any other platform.
Data Analysts
Supercharged with insights. Metricstory takes the grunt work out of data analysis and surfaces statistically significant changes across every combination of Google Analytics data allowing analysts to spend their time on problem-solving rather than compiling spreadsheets.
Paid Search Teams and Agencies
Accountability combined with actionability. Receive immediate alerts to rises and falls, down to the product level, across all your paid search campaigns, landing pages, and cities so you really know when something is working and when it's not. Metricstory integrates seamlessly with Google Ads for incredible insights across the multi-channel funnel for text ads and Google PLAs. Learn more about how we work with agencies.
Email Marketers
Understanding at both holistic and specific levels. Group campaigns by email types important to your business (newsletter, cart abandonment, sale, welcome, etc.) and review revenue performance for cities, devices, products, landing pages, and more.
Creative Teams
Take the guesswork out of content creation and planning. Better understand when messaging, imagery, and landing page design is resonating with your customers for quick adjustment and optimization across all of your marketing channels.
Immediate alerts for big impact. Timely prescriptive alerts within Metricstory inform teams of trending and out-of-stock merchandise for future planning and quick corrections.
C-Suite Executives
Straightforward performance reporting enhanced with context and granularity. Review top-down reports with year-over-year comparisons and trending analysis and enjoy the ability to dig in deeper with one click for context and granular data. Reviewing channel, product, and landing page performance has never been simpler.