How Blindsgalore has gained visibility, revenue, and time savings with Metricstory.
Online Retailer, Window Treatments, Home Goods
Located in San Diego, California, Blindsgalore is a family-owned retailer and Metricstory customer.
Blindsgalore is a family-owned online retailer, passionate about bringing beautiful and affordable window treatments into homes and businesses across North America. With customizable options for many of their SKUs and multi-channel marketing and advertising campaigns for both B2B and B2C business, Blindsgalore relied on Google Analytics to track performance changes and provide reporting for their eCommerce business.

Blindsgalore's decision to partner with Metricstory stemmed from a need for quick performance-related insights, consolidated views into their data, and increased clarity to their Google Shopping and paid search campaigns.
We weren't getting the visibility we needed to into the campaign level or pushing up to the top the most important issues
Joshua Latshaw, Head of Analytics
One of the early revenue victories for Blindsgalore came shortly after partnering with Metricstory when they shifted away from having a mobile site to a responsive design. There was significant testing done before the launch, but there were bugs missed in the upfront testing.

One such bug was affecting the commercial side of Blindsgalore's business. While there are only a few transactions per week, they carry a very high AOV (10-20x higher than standard transactions). During the responsive transition, one page had a sharp drop in conversion rate. The Metricstory alert allowed Blindsgalore to make quick corrections to eliminate future lost revenue in a significant product category for them.

That was really one of the big pain points that Metricstory addressed. When you're making constant changes to the site, you're pushing updates or even altering layouts of specific things, you're not always going to catch things in your testing process. To have that anomaly detection to be able to very quickly point out to you that you missed something important instead of letting it go for eight weeks!
Joshua Latshaw, Head of Analytics
Another way Blindsgalore utilizes Metricstory is to drill down on performance issues across their channels. In Google Analytics, the team would pull together a specific amount of information, alter search terms, and then investigate in multiple locations to determine the cause of a shift. In Metricstory, however, the process is much more streamlined providing visibility that was non-existent previously.
It's giving the quick ability to just click in when you do see those issues and see what's driving it. It's saving the discovery period and takes you from 'I know where the problem is' to 'I know the very detailed point to go and address it'...knowing where to start searching is a time saver!
Joshua Latshaw, Head of Analytics
For a highly engaged eCommerce analyst like Joshua, Metricstory is delivering revenue opportunities, unique visibility to business performance, and directional insights to save on research time. Three big wins for Blindsgalore and their small analytics team.
It's replacing your need for reporting on specific things, because you can get a good answer or a place to start that's a bit further down the path to where you're going to need to go, or closer to that end answer you need.
Joshua Latshaw, Head of Analytics