Replace reporting hours with campaign improvement and rich, full path insights.
Metricstory enables agencies to save time on complex reporting and increase profitability for your clients. Its intelligent solution analyzes millions of combinations data every day to deliver in-depth, unsampled reporting and insights down to the query level across every attribution model. Agency teams will be smarter, more efficient, and proactive in their approach...and clients will be thrilled with the results.
Constant Google Analytics Analysis | Metricstory
Maximize Billable Hours
Replace hours of reporting and data organization with simple access to the business views you need to meet client goals.
Simple Integration to Google Analytics | Metricstory
Elevate Campaign Performance
Uncover search queries with low or 0% ROAS across the multi-channel funnel, accounting for every attribution model.
Detect Anomalies in Your eCommerce Data | Metricstory
Identify Performance Anomalies
Quickly understand positive or negative changes to campaign performance with email alerts and root cause analysis so you can take action.
Simplified Collaboration and Workflow | Metricstory
Discover Simplified Reporting
Review performance for campaigns, ad groups, queries, products, landing pages, cities, device types, and more with just a few clicks.
Collaborate Across Teams and Departments | Metricstory
Work Together Across Teams
From Account Managers and Analysts to VPs, Metricstory offers simple collaboration and workflows to keep you aligned.
Understand Google Analytics eCommerce Data with Insights | Metricstory
Receive Deeper Insights
Metricstory's technology goes deeper. It combines unsampled Google Analytics and Google Ads data, PLAs, and the MCF for evidence-backed insights.
Make your agency faster and smarter with Metricstory
Metricstory maximizes your team's efficiencies with specific insights that shine a spotlight on areas of opportunity across SEM and SEO. Imagine simplified visibility - allowing you to find what you need faster - and the ability to explore performance of campaigns and everything related to them in just a few clicks. Metricstory's anomaly detection and intelligent insights ensure your team never misses a chance to correct or double down to improve ROAS and get big wins for your clients.
Metricstory plugs directly into Google Analytics and Google Ads, then uses machine learning to monitor every single data point and attribution model 24/7.
Receive email and platform alerts when performance is out of the ordinary (positive or negative) so your team knows when and where to dig in to eliminate issues or double down.
Leverage the Explore and Audit tools to understand trends and review campaign and query performance. Simple workflows lead to unique, in-depth visibility saving major analysis time.
Use Metricstory to help prioritize your daily "to-do" list. Fixing large issues like inefficient ad spend will lead to higher overall ROAS, increased profitability, and happier clients.